Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Costume Peg Ornaments

Do you love looking back at photos of your kids'  Halloween costumes over the years?
I do (and tend to get a little sappy in the process).
This year I decided it would be fun to document their costumes as pegs. 
I added a hook and Halloween Divine Twine to transform each peg into an ornament. 
The boys will get such a kick out of adding their Halloween Costume Pegs to our Christmas tree this year!
I even painted pig & skeleton costume ornaments for our next door neighbors and added their names and the year on the back.
Much more fun than candy, right?

Here is a peg I made for a sweet little girl dressing up as Lalaloopsy Rosy this Halloween!

and of course the trio of SCARE PEGS!
$15 for the set of 3 and free shipping with code: HALLOWEEN12


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