Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Schultuete: A German Back To School Tradition

Yesterday, I shared a wonderful back to school tradition over on Bird's Party Blog. I didn't want you to miss it, so I am reposting it here. To celebrate the beginning of the school year, German parents fill Schultute (German for school cones or sugar cones) with little gifts, sweets, and school supplies. The size of the cones increased as the tradition grew in popularity, some reaching over 36" tall! I was lucky enough to connect with Vivian Lie, founder of KinderCone, who is continuing this wonderful tradition.  

KinderCone makes different versions of the cones ranging by interests, size, grade level, even pre-filled and unfilled cone options. I chose the KinderCone minis so I could share this tradition with my son's entire preschool class.  They are smaller than the regular KinderCones and oh so cute! 

I filled the KinderCones with pencils, a magnifying glass, glue sticks, scissors, and a kraft tube filled with colored pencils. 

"School Days" Banner by Stampin' Fanatic set the mood perfectly 

Special thanks to Stampin' Fanatic and KinderCone for making our back-to-school celebration extra special this year!

Cheers to a healthy, happy new school year! 

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