Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic Inspired 4th Birthday Party

Lil Bugger's best friend turned 4 during the Summer Olympics this year. His mom decided to throw him an Olympic Inspired Birthday Party. We collaborated on some ideas, but Emily gets ALL the credit. She did the entire party prep herself (I just took pictures and ate lots of food!) on this adorable, FUN, activity filled party. The Olympic Medal Gold count for this party: 12 for USA!

Party Theme: Olympics
Party Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green
Activities: Opening Ceremonies, Olympic games, and awarding of the medals
Party Highlights: Olympic Cookie Medals, Official Olympic Podium, and Olympic Rings Cupcakes

Color while you eat, design a flag activity 

Let the Games Begin!
Opening ceremonies began with the kids marching out waving flags to our National Anthem 
Games included a bean bag toss, discus throw, baton relay, javelin toss, and balloon relays
Left, my lil bugger getting his medal, couldn't be more proud! Right, my buggers in the balloon relay race

Each child stood on the podium and was awarded an Olympic Medal of Participation, 
an Olympic COOKIE medal that is!
The birthday boy and his sister receiving medals

Party Sources:
Olympic Party Printable Collection: Bird's Party
Olympic Medal Cookies: Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design
Cupcakes: Samantha's Sweets
Official Party Planner: Liam's mom, Emily
Podium Builder: Liam's dad, Adam
Photography: Me


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