Sunday, June 24, 2012

Air Show 2012

We live in a small town, but it's a special little town, 
with ties to some very special people, athletes, and even a famous dessert.
We tend to have some very fun events happen here. 
Like an Air Show that grows larger every year. 
This year even the Blue Angels came.

Ear protection for the kiddos (the kids liked wearing these so much they wore them all day)

 Air Show Printables by Pluff Mud Studio 

Air plane crafting was a huge hit

Thanks to our friends who host the Air Show Party every year. Their backyard is famous for having the best view in town.  I think some non-invited guests figured this out as well, this is a picture of their front yard!

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  1. You captured some AWESOME photos of the air show. I'm especially loving those little airplane crafts and now I'm going to show my boys how to make those this week for some summer fun. Thanks! =)


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