Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, everyday

I love having an official day to celebrate, but have to admit my favorite Mother's Day moments happen everyday. They are sometimes joyful, sometimes tearful, and always unexpected.

I am thankful for unexpected love notes, 
firm hugs and extra sloppy wet kisses, 
surprise dinners brought home by the hubby, 
peaceful sleepers, 
sandy toes, 
bubble bath hairdos, 
birthdays and milestones, 
stickers stuck to the bottom of my shoes, 
cracker crumbs and cars in my purse, 
bedtime books, 
piggyback rides, 
Tooth fairy visits, 
Christmas morning, 
grass stained knees, 
and unbearably loud car and rocket noises at 6am.
I could not imagine life any other way. 
Wishing you Happy Mother's Day, 

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