Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Nautical Party: Pie Tin Cake Plate Tutorial

Even though I had many wonderful vendors involved in this party, I still incorporated many DIY elements into this Nautical Party Table. Below I am showing you which elements are a total DIY such as the ruffled frosting smash cake, hand painted Pirate peg dolls, large gold #1, and cake plates. 

My preference was to use any many gold cake plates on the dessert table as possible, so I made my own to save money. Today I am going to show you how I made a cake plate out of a pie tin.

Materials to Make the Fluted Pie Tin Cake Plate:
Fluted pie tin
Gorilla Glue or epoxy
spray paint

1. Spray paint pie tin and candlestick separately. Let completely dry in a well ventilated area. 
2. Mark the middle of the inside of pie tin. Place the candlestick top over your pencil mark and trace a bigger circle on the inside of your pie tin so you will know exactly where to add glue. 
3. If using gorilla glue, wet both places of contact on the candlestick and pie tin.
3. Apply a small amount of glue (it will continue to expand as it dries) and press pieces together firmly. Leave cake plate upside down with a book on top, let dry overnight. 


  1. Now this cake stand is clever! And so pretty, too!

  2. Oh goodness you went all out! Looks like a table top from a magazine and great DIY cake stand that doesn't look one bit DIY!

  3. Wow - this is such a great and simple idea to add style to the table. We are planning a nautical party too and I am bookmarking this idea. Thanks so much!

  4. You cannot serve food on a spray painted surface


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