Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Add a Pinterest "Pin It" Button To Your Blog

Have you noticed a "Pin It" button underneath pictures on some blogs? Ever wondered how to do that?

You will have to follow these steps for EACH picture you want add a Pin It Button. What is the advantage of doing this? First, it provides a quick and easy method for readers to pin your pictures. Second,  the Pin It button will show you how many times your picture has been pinned.

Step 1: Head over to Pinterest and click the About button (top right corner), scroll to the Pin It Button option in the drop down box

Step 2: Scroll Down until you reach Pin It Button For Websites

Step 3: Type in the URL of the specific webpage the pin is on, for example my URL for this pin was:

Step 4: Type in the URL of the image to be pinned 
To find this, right clicking on the image and chose Copy image URL. Paste URL into field

Step 5: Add a description of the picture. The description you add will appear in the description box for the pin

Step 6: The URL information you added will now create an HTML Code. 
Copy this HTML code into your blog HTML code, directly below the picture you would like the Pin It button to appear under. 


When readers click your Pin It button, it will automatically add your picture and your description to their Pinterest board. The BEST feature of this tool is that Pinterest will show you how many times your picture has been pinned on Pinterest!
I added a Pin it button to this picture just for kicks...



  1. You are certainly one of my favorite blogs! Always loving what you put out for us!!!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the detailed instructions with pics- I'm so visual so I need pics to follow directions :) And WOW is right- that is awesome! Is it funny to see pictures of your bedroom all over?! :)

  3. Holy cow! I have been procrastinating with Pinterest. There are just so many things to use, media wise. And I KNOW I'll get sucked in by all the pretty!

  4. You ROCK! <3 this is a fabulous tutorial and I'll be using it. Thank you :) thank you.

  5. Since you added the balloon button later, does it still count all the previous pins or only the ones since you added the button?

  6. Thanks for the fab tutorial, I had been wondering how to add that fancy little button! I just added it to my Tattle Monster and was shocked to see it's been pinned over 18k, who knew! :)

  7. I was just wondering how to do this! Thanks for making it so clear. I am now following you on Pinterest!

  8. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I've been slacking when it comes to Pinterest, but seeing how much traffic it can bring to your site, it is definitely time for me to get on top of it!

  9. I see that whenever you hover over your pictures now, the nice, bright Pinterest "P" appears. How did you do that?


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