Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crepe Paper Ruffle Cups {Tutorial}

In case you missed this yesterday on Piggy Bank Parties, here's my tutorial for making pretty ruffle cups.

Crepe paper ruffle garlands make easy and inexpensive party decorations. I had an idea to embellish paper cups using this pretty ruffle, but with two boys I had to wait for a girl party to come along. I finally got to help a friend create a Pajama Glam Barbie party. We used hot pink and light pink ruffles on black paper cups to match the theme. Maria from Love and Sugar Kisses brilliantly discovered a way to make a no-sew version of the ruffle cups for her Piggy Ballerina Party, so today I will show you both ways!

Both methods create a darling ruffle cup (sewing method on left, no-sew on right) 

Crepe Paper (2 colors)
Glue or Tape
Sewing Machine
Paper cup or glass bottle

Ruffle Cup Sewing Method Directions:

1. Gather 2 rolls of crepe paper together. Pleat about 3" of crepe paper at a time and slowly sew a straight line down the center of the pleated crepe paper. 

A closer look at the pleats

Sew as much ruffle garland as needed. Cut pieces to fit the cup or bottle. Attach with tape or hot glue. 
Fluff the ruffle if desired. 

Crepe Paper Ruffle Cup No-Sew  Method:

Add a line of glue around the center of the cup

Scrunch crepe paper into the glue to create ruffles by pinching. 

Add more glue as you go if needed

Embellish as desired...

For the Pajama Glam party I added Barbie confetti to the ruffled cups 

Maria tied tulle to her paper straws, I just love the way the cups turned out!

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  1. Those are just so cute ... what a fun and simple way to brighten up a cup. I pinned it ... thanks for sharing!


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