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You've seen the gorgeous photos and read about all the amazing vendors who contributed to Kate Lander's ultra classic baby shower, now it's time to share a little behind the scenes look at what goes into a party like this. For example, can you find the stain on the backdrop? Or can you guess which dessert is too hard to actually eat? Nope, I didn't think so... but they are there. All parties have hiccups, but this party had very few  because of how well we worked together and executed Kate's vision.

All images courtesy of the ultra talented and cool as cucumber Liza Voll Photography


HELP WANTED: Many months ago Kate posted a request for design assistance for a special event. I had an inkling that it would be her own baby shower. I also knew the event was 500 miles from where I lived. I sent Kate my craft resume and nearly fainted when there was a reply email from Kate Landers in my inbox.

FIRST PHONE CALL: Can you imagine all the things that run through your mind as you wait for Kate to call you? I banished my husband to the basement. He was oddly amused by my sweaty palms, notebook, and open Google browser.

Kate's voice was calm and collected. The first half hour was spent talking about my projects. I babbled on wondering how on earth this event planning legend was interested in my projects. Her answers were thoughtful, thorough, and genuine. We then turned the conversation to the baby shower and she gave me a few projects to work on. We continued to communicate via phone and emails. Our conversations always started with a check in of my projects and the kids. The anticipation of meeting Kate was growing and I was truly looking forward to helping her with this most special and personal event.

TRAVEL: Yes, I traveled 500 miles to go see baby Noah and mommy-to-be Kate. I grew up in Boston so I love any excuse to get home and visit my family! Due to some eastern PA flooding I almost didn't make it out of PA, but we finally arrived in MA around 3:30am. 

FRIDAY BABY SHOWER SET UP: Kate gives me a huge hug and welcomes me in. Christy from Inspired Design arrives with a ginormous party kit and contagious smile. You can tell we all *love* doing this. We squeal over all the pristine Loralee Lewis printed goodies, the immaculate details on the fondant diaper bags by Lynlee and all the other amazing vendors who have labored hours on these meticulous creations. We quickly realize we have a lot of work to do! I really wanted to snap a picture of Kate's husband IRONING, but I refrained (heck, I had only been in a part of the Landers' Team a few hours now). Ryan is the most doting, darling, supportive party planner's husband I have ever met. He not only irons tablecloths, but lifts heavy objects, delivers endless supplies of Dunkin' Donuts coffees and McDonald's flurries, builds backdrops, and knows where all Kate's party boxes are in the basement. May we clone him?

SATURDAY- IT'S SHOWER TIME: Kate walks in wearing a beautiful bright blue dress and hair still in curlers. She is way more relaxed about crunch time than I expected. I am always a pre-party wreck! There are the usual last minute details to attend to such as beverages, food, desserts, wreaths, favors, and pictures.

Liza, our photographer arrives. The dessert table is not quite ready, but she is unfazed by this. She works around our scrambling and takes beautiful shots. Guests start arriving and Kate transforms from party planner to guest of honor. The moment Kate sat down in that big comfy chair, I knew the rest of the party was in our hands and she could relax and enjoy her day.

Kate's family and friends are warm and gracious as she. Everyone enjoyed designing wood blocks with baby wishes for baby Noah. There were many compliments on the immaculate desserts. Gifts were opened with thoughtfulness and care. Kate's friends and family showered her with Pottery Barn Kids and Layla Grace gift boxes that suited her classic and elegant style.

POST SHOWER: My favorite part. Kate stole precious time away from her family and friends to talk with Christy and I before we left. We chatted about our goals and motherhood. Kate offered us some valuable advice and presented us each with one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Kate gave each of us cake plates and signed the bottom. My "Kate Cake Plates" have made an appearance at all my parties ever since! It is a special reminder of the risk worth taking and the bond that passion and creativity can create among new friends.

POST SHOWER UPDATE: Baby Noah arrived safe and sound this fall. Mommy Kate, Daddy Ryan, and Baby Noah are all doing well. Of course Loralee Lewis created the most beautiful birth announcement for Noah. Kate, I cannot wait to see what you have in mind for Noah's 1st birthday. Team Landers is ready and willing!

See the entire Baby Shower feature on Layla Grace, and more details from Kate over on Kate Landers Events.  


  1. Oh Jenny!! I love your narrative recollection of the shower, so candid and fun to read! Your sweet words mean sooooo much to me, I am incredibly blessed to know you and call you friend. Thank you!!! Tried getting that stain out again, no luck!!! Love, xoxo Kate

  2. What a fun & exciting experience Jenny!!! So fun to hear the "behind the scenes" details :)


  3. I love it Jenny!! It really was a great weekend! And I too would like to clone Ryan! ;o) It was so much fun and Kate's family is wonderful! I hope we girls can collaborate again soon! XO, Christy

  4. So exciting!!!! CONGRATS! truly one of the my very fav showers :)

  5. Jenny, this is such an incredible post! I just adore that you took time to recap the experience and so appreciate your honesty, as I think we can all relate to all the craziness that can happen... and the mishaps! You ladies are gifted with so much talent and did such a breathtaking job with the entire shower! I was so honored to be a small part and can relate to your giddiness at working with the one and only Kate Landers! And I can't thank you enough for your sweet shout out! You know I adore you! ♥

  6. Jenny, this was such a fun read! Thanks for sharing- the shower was absolutely gorgeous in every way!!
    Well done!

  7. AMAZING insight and beautifully told! You ladies rocked, and I am sure Kate and baby Noah are so lucky and delighted to have shared this special day with such talented, fabulous friends!
    way to go Jenny and all the wonderful professionals involved, and off course congrats to Kate for such a beautiful shower and precious little baby!

    Can't wait to see what the parties to come will bring! ;)


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