Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thoughts on Joe Paterno

This is a party and craft blog, why am I talking about Joe Paterno, former head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions? I am a Penn State graduate, former Penn State employee, Nittany Lion fan, and member of the State College community. This is my little space to honor the impact Joe Paterno had on our lives, our community, our hearts. Living in a modest house just a few blocks from ours, we would often see him walk to work. I had chills up my back every time he ran with his team onto the field. Regardless of the events of the past few months, he will always be Penn State to us.

A few months back, I created this little tailgate in honor of JoePa... had to include his infamous tie and glasses. If only I could have added his cuffed pants and sneakers!

My hubby with Joe Paterno, his wife Sue, and coworker

I really wanted to get this picture signed by Joe for my husband's 30th birthday, so I called his office and I was told that he didn't sign anything during football season.  I mailed the picture to Sue (she grew up in my husband's home town) and they both signed the picture for us. We cherish this picture.

Joe, you will be missed. You are Penn State!


  1. What a beautiful tribute, I was so saddened by the news. What an icon.

  2. I cried when I heard Joe Pa had died. Very seldom does someone give their heart and soul to a community, as he did. It saddens me that his legacy was tarnished, but those who can see what he brought to so many, will forever remember for the real man he was. I pray he is watching the playoffs from the perfect playing field above and know he is missed.(PS. I am Georgian w no ties to the Penn St Nation)

  3. So sweet...I agree with Barbara's comment above--I hate that such negativity reared its head at the end of his career. He seemed like quite a character--in the best kind of way. We are Clemson fans, but I always stopped to see anything on tv with Joe Pa, he was-is-a legend. Rest in peace.


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