Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Geronimo Balloon Inspired Party Decorations {Tipster Tuesday Feature}

Each Tuesday is Tipster Tuesday on Piggy Bank Parties! It's a chance for us to share money saving party tips, tutorials, and great deals/products you should know about. In case you missed this yesterday, here is my tutorial for Piggy Bank Parties showing you how to create Geronimo Balloon-Troopers inspired party decorations for a whole lot less!

I have a mild obsession with Geronimo Balloon-Troopers. Have you ever seen them?

Image via Geronimo

I love the way Geronimo Balloon-Troopers sparkle and hover over a beautiful party. Each balloon is lovingly handmade with ribbon, tassels, crepe paper, and shiny tinsel. Since these beauties run between $60-$200 per balloon, purchasing them is out of the question for me. I started brainstorming... how could I get this look for a lot less?  First I thought I would purchase 3' round balloons. I decided against this option. These balloons can be costly and still have to be blown up and transported. I was giddy when I found 24" paper lanterns sold online. Here's the look I was able to create for only $6. 

Gold Tinsel, long pieces if possible (Scored packages of tinsel at a Thrift Shop for $.50 each!)
Various Colors of Crepe Paper ($1.00 x 2 = $2.00)
Ribbon ($1.00)

Directions:  To create fringed crepe paper, repeatedly fold over a 3'-4' piece of crepe paper as many times as you can. Make half inch cuts on one side, then the other (do not cut too close to the middle). Unfold and admire how pretty crepe paper looks fringed. Gather all your tinsel, tassels, ribbon, or anything else you think would look nice draping down and attach to the bottom wire of the lantern with tape or just tie it in a knot. It actually looks better if it looks a little messy and tussled. 
Then tie a ribbon around the trailing tinsel about 4 inches down from the top to give it a finished look. 

Hang the lantern and drape tassel as desired (a chair works nicely) and just swoon at your creation for awhile. 


I hope this post shows you that party and craft inspiration can come from anywhere... a picture on Pinterest, a walk in the woods, sunlight hitting a window. My suggestion is to find something you love and find a way to develop it. My heart goes pitter patter when I see these gorgeous Geronimo balloons. Rather than wanting to buy that exact balloon I used it as my inspiration to create something even better, long lasting, and way less expensive! 


  1. Those are precious! I've never seen the balloons before, but I am loving them! I may have to whip up a few for our next party.

  2. I adore Geronimo balloons. I'm like you and so I was so happy to see your DIY! I think I'll have to make some for my birthday next month. Thanks!

  3. gorgeous! (and on my to-do now list)

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