Sunday, December 4, 2011

Keepsake Ornaments

Each year I look for a special keepsake ornament to add to our tree. I was so in love with our Christmas card last year, (so simple and cheery) that I made it into an ornament.

Here's our 2010 Christmas card
by Harper Gray made into an ornament

Here are a few of my favorite other ideas I've pinned on my Merry, Merry Board on Pinterest
for making your own keepsake ornaments.

Cut off the bottom part of your Christmas tree & date it

Wishing Spool full of ideas for for Santa

Cut an invitation into strips, curl, and tuck into a clear ornament. 

I love this idea and have been looking for something special to do with the stars from our Super J party
Stars can be customized over at Origami Delights, there's even Christmas colors.

Are you making or buying any new ornaments this year?

Don't forget, there is still time to enter the PAPER STRAW GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. yay! and thanks for supporting Harper Gray!! shes my fave!!

  2. Love the wedding invitation ornament...and just the whole idea of keepsake ornaments! Must be sure and add a few pieces each year!


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