Monday, November 21, 2011

Paper Straw Wreath {from Woman's Day}

I was so excited when I saw this paper straw wreath on the cover of the December Woman's Day Magazine.  It is so simple, yet stunning! Why didn't I think of that?

I can totally picture a Thanksgiving paper straw wreath in brown
or a New Years wreath in gray and white stripes
or pink wreath for Valentine's Day

So many possibilities! 

For more paper straw projects, see my paper straw garland

Update: Some of you are asking where to purchase paper straws, here are a few shops that carry them:

The Sugar Diva- tons of color/pattern choices
The Gray Goose - great price, in polka dots and stripes
Sweet Lulu - oh so sweet colors
Polka Dot Market - sells stripes and polka dot straws
Cakes and Kids Too - sells really cute color combination packs


  1. Oooh! I LOVE this! Now, where can I get paper straws.....

  2. LOVING IT!!! I may order some straws just so that I can do this.

  3. I totally saw that today! You could hear my shopping cart wheels go 'eerrr' as I back up so fast! I love your ideas for the different seasons! I totally see it in green and brown for St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Oh fabulous! I just ordered some from your Gray Goose link - GREAT prices!!! (I went polka dot...)

  5. So funny I thought I was the only one who was
    standing in line at the grocery yesterday buying my Thanksgiving dinner items, and saw this wreath!
    OMGosh I have to make one too!
    I just purchased my straws on etsy from Shabbygirl2, she will see you any colors and any amounts no restrictions! Here's her link, got my red straws in two days from her!
    Happy Wreath Making Ya'll

  6. Thanks for including our straws in your links! We love your blog!!

    Also, as someone (!) mentioned above, we have striped and polka dots, 144 straws for $6! Come one down!!!!!

  7. My 80 year old aunt subscribes to womens day and her magazine starts on page 39 this month, thus no directions. What can she do to get the directions to make the paper straw wreath. She'd really like to see what's on the first 39 pages. Please help.

  8. I'd say call Woman's Day customer service and they should ship a new issue out to her asap!!

  9. We've been selling paper straws for several years and have a great selection of colors and price ranges in stock.

  10. Hello from The Sugar Diva,

    Oh my, what a gorgeous wreath..!!!
    Did you know that we "almost" made the cover of Woman's Day in July, they did the photo shoot however cupcakes got the cover.

    SO HAPPY to see our Paper Straws on their cover for the holidays.!!!

    We have TWO shades of RED, and proud to say all MADE IN USA...:) Come and get'em, we have plenty.

    Love our blog and thank you so much for the link to THE SUGAR DIVA....

    AKA / The Sugar Diva

  11. That paper straw design is incredible! there's no doubt about it!


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