Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{How to Make} Barbie's Shoe Closet

You know I love to show you the behind the scenes of my parties, right? Remember this post about my hutch? I am at it again transforming it in minutes. No paint required. To create Izzy's Shoe Closet, I lined my hutch with beautiful pink wrapping paper, added some of my heels and a cute sign, voila!

Here are a few pictures of my hutch used for other parties...

 Anything in your house can become party decor with some creativity.


  1. I love looking at all of your party posts! Such super cute ideas. I am going to have to have a girls night in one night so I can do a Barbie theme... Since I have no little girls to do one for, I will just have to do one for myself!

  2. It has remained spectacular, the truth that has you an exquisite taste in decoration


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