Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Monsters Party: DIY With YARN

TA-DA!!!!  Here is my Little Monsters Dessert Table featured in Bird's Party Magazine!

 It's been hard to keep this project quiet. I have been SO excited to share it with you. This week, I will be sharing more photos, insider party tips, and introducing you to my fabulous party vendors. 

DIY TIP #1: YARN !!!!

Yarn is an inexpensive craft supply that comes in all sorts of colors and textures. It is also a great alternative to paint. I bought old frames in various sizes from a thrift store and removed the backing and glass. The rest was easy, it just requires A LOT of wrapping of yarn around the frame. 

I added YARN accents throughout the dessert table...on the soda bottles

On the cake stand boxes

I even wrapped an entire box in brown yarn
Photocredits: TeaRose Photography

Tomorrow: Tips on creating a backdrop with frames without nails or damage to your walls


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