Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY: How to Create a Temporary Party Backdrop

The vision I had for my Little Monsters party required four frames to be hung above the dessert table. I wanted each monster's personality to shine through a color coordinated yarn frame. Here is how I created a temporary party backdrop without damaging my walls. 

Meet my secret weapon, Command. The 5 lbs command hooks were perfect for my frames. The directions said to press the hook to the wall for 30 seconds, then wait 1 hours before hanging anything from it. The hook will form a tight bond until you release it from the wall. 
The frames were hung from long pieces of blue ribbon so that the hooks would not be visible in the photographs. 

{View of dessert table with exposed hooks}


  1. Oh bother - I needed this post a week ago when I hosted my baby shower. For the first time ever, I pulled pictures off the wall and put up a party backdrop (a garland) ... but I nailed it into the wall. Oops. I'm now patching holes. :)

  2. Yeah, I just discovered these little guys not too long ago. Congrats on the Bird's party e-zine, by the way.

  3. Oh yeah--Command Strips are a party planner's best friend!

  4. I love the colors of the table! Great job!

  5. I LOVE those strips! The only thing they didn't work on for me was a chandelier I was trying to hang...:) I should probably start utilizing these strips more in my dining room. There are an awful lot of holes in that wall. :)


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