Friday, July 29, 2011

Party Swap Friday {Featuring Party Activities & Book Swap Ideas Needed}

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Last week on Party Swap Friday, there was a request to help with ACTIVITIES for a 4 year old birthday party in late November. Here are some of the fun ideas suggested:
  • sticker scavenger hunt (hide stickers that match your party theme and have the kids find them)
  • pass the parcel, this game looks super fun!
  • plan simple crafts that match your theme
  • have the kids bake or decorate cookies or cupcakes
Mariah from Giggles Galore shared some of the activities she planned for her daughter's incredible Strawberry Shortcake Party. Seriously, you must gander over there to oogle for a few moments. 

The kids made strawberry freezer jam, decorated strawberry buckets,.went on a strawberry scavenger hunt, and finished with a bean bag toss complete with strawberry shaped bean bags!

Giggles Galore, thank you so much for letting me share your adorable party. This talented mommy HANDMADE aprons and party hats, the birthday girl's party dress, strawberry bean bags, and personalized the scavenger hunt buckets. I am still in awe. 

This week, I am the one looking for help!  I am throwing my first BOOK SWAP play date party for 10 kids ranging in age from 3-8. Have you ever done a book swap? Any suggestions for me... snack ideas? Activities?  Books I should read the kids?

Party Swap Fridays is now open, feel free to share a BOOK SWAP suggestion -OR- :
  • ASK for party help (maybe a question about a choosing a theme, dessert, or invitation)
  • Showcase a great party TIP you have
  • Share a favorite Pinterest PIN
  • Share a LINK to a great party you've thrown
  • READERS helping other READERS- chime in and share with us


  1. wow! great activities - and that dessert spread is impressive!

  2. That strawberry party is truly SWEET.

    I'm loving the idea of a book swap for kids! Have you seen the "bookworm" treat bags on Pinterest filled with gummy worms?

    Also, I got some library cards from etsy with fun colors. You can see them:

    I hope you get some pictures of the swap. I want to do one now too lol. ;)

  3. Am amazed, too, at all the handmade details in this adorable party! Kudos to Mom! Looking forward to your post about how the Book Swap play date goes. :-)

  4. Thank you so much for the feature, super sweet! I can't wait to hear and see more of the book swap play date, such a great idea and party theme.

  5. So books for a book swap -- if you went with the whole BookWorm idea and the kids are young enough then Eric Carle's The Hungry Catepillar would lend itself to great party food and fruit as well as super simple tissue paper / finger paint art! I love the idea of making "this book belongs to:" book plates for their new books. He has tons of books in print, so everyone could bring a different Eric Carle book to trade.
    Some other great book themes might be Kevin Henkes and his mice books or Eileen Christlow and her monkey books.


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