Friday, July 15, 2011

Party Swap Friday {Camping Theme Parties and Ribbon Challenge}

Party Swap Fridays are now YOUR day to:
  • ASK for party help (maybe a question about a choosing a theme, dessert, or invitation)
  • Showcase a great party TIP you have
  • Share a favorite Pinterest PIN
  • Share a LINK to a great party you've thrown
  • READERS helping other READERS- chime in and share with us

This week there has been a request by the crafty ribbon guru herself over at She's {kinda} Crafty for
Camping Party Ideas

So here are a few ideas I put together to get us started...

Party Sources from my Camping Party Pinterest Board : 1 :: 2 :: 3:4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10

Favorite Camping Party Ideas:
  • "Enjoy S'more At Home" party favors
  • Toothpicks topped with camping graphics
  • Camping scavenger hunt
  • S'mores cupcakes
  • Make your own trail mix bar
  • Wood spoons tied around desserts in jars
  • Rustic wood signs and lanterns
Help me find more camping ideas for Stacy from She's {kinda} Crafty. Since we all now know Stacy's *favorite* crafting material, I challenge you all to find a camping idea for her that involves RIBBON! The best idea may win a prize!

Share your camping party ideas, links, or tips in the comments below -or- if you'd like to share a different party you've been working on, feel free to share that as well. Anything goes on Party Swap Friday! I might just choose YOU to feature next week.


  1. Everything is so darn cute. I love the S'mores cupcakes and the jars with the cakes in them.

  2. Stacy is so bloomin' talented - I love every. single. thing. she makes/does. Of course this is the cutest thing ever - it's made by Stacy!!!

  3. I had a camping party for my twins this year ... We had fun signs, cute campfire cupcakes, and freeze-dried camping ice cream. It was a lot of fun!

  4. This is Sarah from Reid Girls Handmade and of course you can show our invite...Thanks!

  5. Not camping, but outdoorsy... I just threw a Teddy Bear Picnic party for my daughter and niece. Check it out here:
    and here:

  6. okay, not 5 posts later in my reader was this cute cake. Check it out!

  7. Hey! I'm still browsing through your blog and I see my giant marshmallows with the toppers in them in your first collage. :D Fun! Those are from a camping party I threw last summer for my son. I have 2 blog posts on it, but here is the main one:


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