Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super J Pinata, Attempt #2

I love to show you projects.
I also love to show you my failed attempts, 
so you can see how badly some of them go. 

First picture, Super J's finished pinata

Thank goodness, this tutorial surfaced on FB yesterday. 
My arms were covered in flour paste and my pinata looked like this,
it's been low 70s here and this baby is not drying. 
Don't ask how I was going to create this balloon shape into a Super J pinata, I was winging it. 

Second picture, failed attempt

Thank you The Sweetest Occasion, I owe you one.

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  1. oh wow! I love it! great job! can't wait to see pics of the party :)

  2. Great effort. Enjoy the party! Kylie


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