Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How To Transform Your Furniture {Without Paint}

Did you see my post on how Jessica from Party Box Design  transformed an old thrift store buffet not once, but twice for two very different parties? Both looks were fabulous and so economical!

Today, I want to show you how I transform my buffet for parties the ultra easy, fast way. I usually start at the thrift store, but in this case we actually already has this buffet. It never fit our style and I had been debating what to do with it. 

Painted it "Marshmallow", okay yeeees... partly because of the name

Used spray glue to adhere this shower curtain backdrop, now I love it!

It looks like this on non-party months!

For parties I line the inside of the buffet with card stock that matches my party theme

Currently the buffet is going through another transformation with black wrapping paper 
for Bugger J's 5th birthday, here is one {super} sneak peek

See how a paper backdrop can really change the whole vibe of the buffet?!!! Easy peasy!


  1. OK...seriously awesome! Love that you change it up for parties!

  2. Pretty, clever, and I bet inexpensive as well! I love the curtain backdrop you have pretty!

  3. Wow, that came out perfect! Now all I need is a dresser...

  4. The hutch turned out so pretty!!

  5. This is great, I wish I had a spot for a hutch.

  6. Great idea on the shower curtain....gorgeous hutch!

    Mine is similar :) check it out if you'd's on my fav projects in my sidebar.

    Fancy Frugal Life


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