Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 Ways to Save Money At Your Next Party

1. Buy party printables 
Save money by sending your invitations out electronically. Skip the stamps and paper- it's more eco friendly. DIY printable party collections can also include fun goodies like coordinating cupcake toppers, address labels, drink wrappers, drink flags, banners... the possibilities are endless!

2. Use everyday items in new ways
I bought two very cheap red polka curtains and hung them like curtains. Changed the room instantly! Look around your house and see what you might already have. 

3. Find one thing to splurge on... and make the rest yourself
My splurge was my fondant toppers from Two Sugar Babies, there is no way I could ever match Ms. C's mega talent. We saved money by making the cupcakes ourselves and they still looked professional. 

4. Be thoughtful in your choice of party favors. 
I would rather spend a little more money and give out party favors that are personalized, useful, or practical (other parents will thank you!). I bought $1 t-shirts and used iron on transfer paper to make Super T symbol.

5. Pick a theme that is FUN and meaningful to your child, the party goods can double as room decor afterwards!
You can bet good money that this poster will be hanging in Super J's room for a loooong time!

Do you have any money saving party tips?  I would love to feature YOUR ideas on the blog!


  1. love your tips! i just planned our twin girl's 4th birthday party a few weeks ago. here are my tips:
    1. start early...pick a theme, so you can pick up things you like and tie into the theme
    2. The Dollar Store has wonderful party supplies
    3. Make a lot of the decorations!
    4. pick up cute buckets, pails that will go with any party you host
    5. be creative with what you have...i used a cute plant stand to hold juice boxes!

    love your blog!

  2. after reading your post..I realize that I try to do all of these things.

    I can't wait to see what other people can add :)

  3. I am just beginning to start planning my daughters 2nd birthday and this is SO helpful. I went WAY OVER BOARD for the 1st bday :)

  4. Such great ideas and cute stuff. I like the idea of really investing in one cool thing. Then, I can get everything else at the dollar store. :)


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