Monday, May 23, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Alphabet Flower Bouquet

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It all began with a picture. I loved the idea and knew it was the perfect gift for my son's teachers. This is the tale of the not so easy way to get this teacher appreciation gift done...

Sunday 7:30pm
Hubby buys the last 4 packs of magnet letters at our dollar store (big favor to ask since the last time I requested he run to a dollar type store it was robbed and he couldn't leave until the police came, not my fault)


9:30 am: The search for flowers.  First flower shop has no flowers, deer and quite possibly a jackalope hanging on the wall. As a Boston native who has lived in Pa for 15 years now, I still have those "wow I can't believe how country this is" moments. 

9:45 am: Second shop is not much better, but they have flowers. Little Bugger melts down because it is raining and he wants his own flowers (not sure the correlation, but it caused many tears).

10:15 am: Bust out the spray paint because the flowers don't really match the letters. Still raining so on the front porch.

11:05 am: Add cup inside vase

11:07 am: Fill outer rim with with semi-dry alphabet letters

View from top of jar

11:10 am: Add flowers and tag, grab quick lunch, run to school for pick up. 

11:30 am: In the school parking lot cleaning jelly off Little Bugger's hands, shorts, car seat, and teacher's card. Note, never let your kids eat pb & j in the car, even if you are running late. 

11:40 am: Hand teacher her gift like it was a super easy, relaxing morning. Head home and blog about it : )

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  1. As a teacher, I would be so happy to recieve this! You are so wonderful for taking the time to make the gift extra special with the letters :)


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