Monday, April 4, 2011

Promise Me Check In

For those of you new to my blog, promise me is an exciting year long adventure created by Jessica from Pen n' Paperflowers. She has challenged her readers to create some promises to themselves. Every month Jessica updates us on her progress. Her honesty is refreshing and motivating. 

It's a personal journey, 
only I will know if I fail, 
but I choose to share my progress here, 
in the hopes of getting others to make some goals
and some promises as well...

I am so excited to learn today that sweet Jessica is sending all of us "promise peeps" a little gift. Such a fantastic reminder to have around the house of our journey. 

It's check in time. So what have I done this month?

My personal goals for February 2010- February 2011

I promise to...
  1. learn more settings on my camera
  2. buy a fedora
  3. wear a fedora out in public
  4. say one meaningful compliment to my husband each day -- I have noticed a huge difference when I do thank him for something he has done or take the time to notice how nice he looks
  5. buy clothing in colors outside my comfort zone
  6. start wearing heels, I'd like to start with these-- I wore heels to a baby shower Saturday and felt younger and cuter!
  7. pamper myself once a month
  8. organize and de-clutter my house- one room at a time here. Tackling the kids clothes right now.  
  9. create the party blog idea i have been hiding away
  10. open an Etsy shop
  11. attend Bloggy Bootcamp- Signed up for the May bootcamp in Boston!
  12. buy flowers
  13. find a church and attend regularly
  14. do letter of the day lessons again with the kids
  15. redo a server in yellow for the dining room- YES!  I did it, just finishing it up. I loooove it! The hubs was very nervous about the color but I think he likes it more than he thought he would. 

16. add more veggies to our diet
17. be more patient
18. demonstrate random acts of kindness- this has been my favorite one, I sent a little surprise gift and note to a dear friend. It was such a nice way to tell her how much I appreciate her.
19. attend a U2 concert
20. take the kids on an airplane
21. room make over for bugger N
22. buy chandeliers, lots of em (alteast this one and this one)- YES! chandelier is up! Old ones are sold!

23. less eye rolling
24. create and post a weekly dinner menu 
25. be more intentional with meal planning
26. potty train bugger N
27. take time to get my haircut
28. create an exercise regime 
29. make time for an exercise regime
30. try on skinny jeans
31. taste sushi- I tried vege sushi rolls at Seviche. Does that count?
32. make a rainbow cake

So, it's a start. I have a long way to go! 
Did you make any goals throughout the year?  How are you doing with them?

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