Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cake Balls, Taste Test & Tips

I brought the cake balls over to a friend's house last night, verdict? A Hit!  Everyone loved them regardless of their outward appearance.

I felt a little better this morning when I read a post from I am Baker admitting that cake pops aren't for the faint of heart. And she is a real baker who whips up things like this

So  here are some TIPS I have found that might help with the next batch:

1. The Chocolate:  
Megan suggested almond flavored bark for a smoother chocolate, sold in grocery stores
and Bakerella uses Merckens candy coatings

2. Freeze suggests refrigerating the cake/frosting mixture for 2 hours before shaping and then freezing the balls after shaping them for at least 6 hours before dipping (another good tip, undipped balls can be stored  frozen for weeks).

3. Dipping:
Bakerella suggests tapping the spoon against the bowl repeatedly to get rid of extra chocolate before placing the ball on wax paper

4. Excess Chocolate: 
I really like this next tip from The Pioneer Woman-- if you end up with a pool of chocolate around your cake ball after placing it on the wax paper, use a toothpick and score a line around the base of the ball. When the chocolate dries, the ball will separate from the excess chocolate easily. Genius!

The Pioneer Woman
5. Decorating
Wait until the chocolate is no longer wet or glossy, then start decorating with drizzle or sprinkles.

For those of you planning on making cake balls, so please share your pictures and tips with us!
Happy baking and...
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  1. Thanks for sharing the feedback you got. I've only made them once and the freezing tip is one I knew about so they were OK but I like the toothpick scoring idea!

  2. Seriously, thanks! These tips will really help me and save me time searching for the secrets :)


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