Friday, March 25, 2011

Hail Storms, Tornadoes, and Chandeliers

We have had some wacky weather here in Western PA this week.

Last Friday- 70 degrees, beautiful day spent at the park
This week- hailstorms and tornado...winds reached 120 mph and destroyed or badly damaged 90 homes

Our prayers and thoughts go out to those people.  

This picture was taken 15 miles from our home

Hail, picture taken in our yard

My title implies hail, tornado, AND chandeliers.. so in other news. THANK YOU to all who left comments about my chandelier. Even my mom tried to vote (she subscribes via email and replied to the no-reply message, lol).  A BIG box is sitting in my living room begging to be opened and installed. My gut said this one and most of you agreed. 


There is still time to do a little virtual yard sale shopping. Look around and see if anything might fit your home decor. You do not have to offer an item to join in the fun, just look around the sites and follow each site's directions for entering to win. 

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