Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birth Announcements- So many choices, let's just oogle over cute babies!

Back in January, I threw my brother and sister-in-law a pig themed baby shower. Well, the baby is finally here and I am officially an Aunt. Aidan was born last Friday. Healthy and adorable!

Don't you just adore his zero tee?

My sis-in-law is looking for some birth announcement ideas and we are keeping a reasonable budget in mind since they are both in grad school right now. I know many of us aren't looking for birth announcements at the minute, but it is sooo fun to browse and drool over the cuteness factor here.

Here are a few ideas for birth announcements. The first uses the baby's actual footprints and shrinks them down to fit the announcement.  You could totally make this into a DIY project.
Baby's Footprints
by JoMerryman  Paperie

The next few are options are for printable files:

They are a little more pricey than the average photo retailer's options (around $15), but they are totally unique and customizable. Best part is, you pay for the file and make as many copies as needed. 

Baby Blocks
by Tints and Prints

Center Stage
by Sweet Prints

Erica from Sweet Prints made our 2010 Christmas card, we received an insane amount compliments on it. 
By far our best card!
Simple Blues
by Sweet Prints
Sailboat Design
by Less Ordinary Designs

Up in the Air
by Less Ordinary Designs
Little Slugger
by Less Ordinary Designs

I love everything that Sara makes over at Less Ordinary Designs. 
Her style is so clean and fresh. 

She has about a million awesome holiday cards to check out for next year (no, it's never too early!). 

Here are a few less traditional, 
but oh so cute announcements:

I would take great notes with this style by Parcel Post

Cool and modern from Sycamore Street

An unexpected use for a paper airplane from Bird and Banner

Any favorites? Seen any really cute baby ideas out there? 
Please share!

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