Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terrible Twos Strike Again

This is the latest hobby of my two year old...
he gathers every toy in playroom 
and piles them on the stairs

This has become a daily ritual. He waits till the coast is clear and quietly starts his work. This is our second time around for experiencing the terrible twos, somehow this time it seems worse with my littlest bugger. Is that true for anyone else?

More public tantrums

No interest in potty training

Every sentence begins and ends with "no" or better yet the word "poop"

Anyone else experiencing the two's out there or been through them?!!!

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  1. Hahaha, Im so sorry to laugh but the pictures of all those toys made me giggle. I dont have any rugrats yet so no real advice to share :0) But I think its so funny what pops into kids little heads as a "fabulous idea" lol

  2. Hee hee, laughing because I have gone through it. And to answer your question, yes the second one seems to be a bit more trouble, but I thought it was because he was our first boy.

  3. hi Jenny! wanted to pop over and welcome you to the circle! you're in for a treat.. these gals are awesome! :)
    oh and i so remember those 2 yr old days, and all i can say is, good luck! ;) nah, seriously, hang in there!!

  4. oh how sweet. thanks so much for sharing the link with me. it's SO funny the way they are beginning to express themselves creatively. (unfortunately my furniture has suffered...*wink*)


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