Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shamrock Gardens and More Fun St. Patty's Printables

Let the St. Patty's Day decorating continue!  As I mentioned yesterday, my hubby and I had our first date on St. Patrick's Day. I drove 8 hours to see him (not knowing for sure if he was actually going to show up) and he ditched his friends to meet me. Must have meant to be because it all worked out in the end! Since I have two bugger boys under 5, I usually keep my decorating simple. Here's what I came up with...

Shamrock Garden

I decided to create a Shamrock garden with these printables. I had all the materials on hand, so this project was quick and cheap to make. What you will need:

Lolly pop sticks
Floral Tape
Scrapbook paper or party circles
Foam block
Gold Coins
Box (mine is from T.J.Maxx)

I punched my circles using a two inch circle punch. Wrapped floral tape around each lolly pop stick. Then taped the circles to the sticks. On some sticks I taped 2 circles on others I taped 3 on a stick to look like a shamrock. I then stuck the sticks into the floral foam. It would also be cute to cut scrapbook paper into hearts to create more of a shamrock look. I then covered the foam with gold coins. Now you have a shamrock garden!

I thought I would share more St. Patty's Day printables with you. There are so many cutes ones out there, I don't know how you will be able to pick!

The Crafting Chicks

Hello, Good Gravy!

Madigan Made

I would LOVE to see how you are decorating  for St. Pat's. Please send me pictures or links to show off your decor!
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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! It made my day!

  2. Hi- new follower from circle of bliss. checking in and looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Love it! It makes me giddy to see the garden and all those printables!!:)


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