Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Shabby Apple A Day Keeps a Mommy Happy!

Have you  heard of Shabby Apple?  If not, you should check out their site. I was hooked when I first read that owners Emily and CK wanted to make a line of stylish dresses that covered enough skin that they were comfortable (without needed a cardigan, tank top, or long slip).

Shabby Apple held a giveaway on TomKat Studio, I reeeealllly wanted to win. I didn't. So I bought this beauty for a Christmas party. It was comfortable and I received so many compliments.
Black Oak

A Shabby Apple Facebook contest caught my eye and I decided to enter. The topic was intriguing, heroes. They wanted to know what woman in our lives had inspired or impacted us. Mine was easy, my mother. My mom has a different story than most. Here is my entry, 

My mom is my hero and I don't say that enough. She is a true feminist and always stands up for her beliefs. I was born into a hyphenated last name to illustrate the importance of equality. I should have known then that life with my mom would be no ordinary life. At age 7, my mom sat me down and explained that "mommy might go to jail for not paying her taxes". She did not support the war and this was her way of demonstrating her frustration. While my friends were hanging out at the mall, I was attending my first march on Washington. I protested Apartheid in South Africa with three generations of Smith women in my family that day. I was 12.

My mom is no ordinary mom. She found a way to raise 2 children and work full time. Her job is no ordinary job. My mom is known to everyone else as Reverend Jan. She was one of the first women ordained into ministry in the Methodist Church. She baptized me, and thirty years later my two children. I admire her commitment to do what is right and just at all times. I wanted to nominate her for this because she never splurges on things for herself. She buys her clothes at second hand stores. She wears the same pair of dress shoes until they have holes. With all the events she attends, I would love to see her have an amazing Shabby Apple dress. Something brand new, for someone who is so not ordinary. 

The stories people shared were heart breaking, inspiring,  and life changing. I read them all and cried through a few. When I received word that I had won, I was stunned, honored, speechless. I had the pleasure of calling my mom and telling her about the contest and the results. I read her my entry. She was speechless (I hadn't even told her I had entered). I do not say those words enough to her. This was my chance to thank her for raising me to be a strong, independent woman. This was my chance to give her a gift that she would never splurge on for herself.  So the fun began picking out our dresses....

My mom's top choices:
Upper East Side
Lois Lane
Martha's Vineyard
West Coast Swing

My top choices:

This Side of Paradise
And winner is...............

L'Artiste and West Coast Swing!

Thank you Shabby Apple!  This was such a fun mother bonding experience for us. I LOVE my dress-- it looks like 2 pieces, but it really is just one. WITH pockets!!!!  Love, Love, Love the pockets! My shoes were a super fun and inexpensive find from Fergie's Fergalicous line.

My mom looking STUNNING and she loves her dress. We just now need to convince her to splurge on some new shoes : )  Which one would you have picked? Have any favorite dresses from the site?

***Update***  There are currently Shabby Apple giveaways going on over at Domestically Speaking and My Repurposed Life !!!   Go enter and let me know if you win!
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  1. Wow! What a beautiful tribute :) Congratulations on the win, and now I'm going to check out Shabby Apple... I love these dresses, and love that they are unique, stylish, and modest.


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