Monday, February 28, 2011

I am Inspired. The Promise Me Challenge

Do you have anyone that truly inspires you?  I do. First I fell in love with her design work...

"Love you to the moon" baby shower
She's Going to Pop Baby Shower
ABC Baby Shower

Then, I find out Jessica from Pen n' Paper flowers Studio and Designs is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, & part of the Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers circle. Wow. Now she is stepping up again and has created the promise me challenge. 

A year long adventure of enrichment, self-discovery, personal growth, creative awakening, promises, joy, and purpose. 

Purpose. That is a strong, deliberate word. 
It means that I need to be more intentional in my decisions, my time, my direction. 

Feel inspired yet?  

Please visit Jessica's blog to get all the details and join her promise me challenge. Send her your name (tell her I sent you!) and she will add you to her promise me list. There might even be some fun inspirational gifts along the way...

Jessica created this {adorable} printable promise me list 
Fill it out. 
Go beyond the goals you think you can do. 
Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. 
I will to. 
I writing mine now. 
Are you?
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1 comment:

  1. Oh you are the absolute sweetest!!!
    Thank you SO much for such a wonderful post. I'm so glad you are inspired to join me as well as to spread the word about this year-long adventure!
    It's going to be MAGICAL!!! Thank you for your sweet words too! I'm completely flattered!!!


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