Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog Questions: FAQ Edition

I know there are a lot of new blog readers out there, so I thought I would try and answer a few questions. Sorry if this is repeating info for some of you!

How Do I Subscribe?
In the right column, you can follow my blog by hitting the "follow" button or subscribe to posts.
It will ask you to sign in using an account from google, twitter, or yahoo. I like google, so I created an account there. 

You can set up a profile and add your email address so that bloggers can email you back directly (step by step tutorial here). Why would that be important?  If you don't add make your email visible, bloggers cannot reply to your comments.

Why subscribe?  
You can keep track of the blogs you follow, allows you to leave comments, and also allows bloggers to respond to your comments. 

Do you use Facebook?  

Yay! So do I!  You can receive new posts via facebook and other fun updates. To become a fan, either click the like button at the top right corner of this site or here:

Do you read a few blogs on a daily basis?

If you find yourself repeatedly visiting a website to check for updates or if you stumble across a page that you want to keep track of then you might want to use Google Reader.   When a blog has a new post, it will show up in your Google Reader almost like email. This saves the time and hassle of bookmarking each individual site and also alerts you when a new post is up. You can also star your favorite posts . It's a HUGE time saver. Especially if you subscribe to a lot of blogs. 

To get to Google Reader: and sign into your account
Click on more (last tab on the right), 
Scroll down the list and click on reader

Google Reader will look like this once you have added some subscriptions:

Hope that is a good start!  Let me know if you have other questions I can help with.

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