Friday, November 12, 2010

Why I love Shutterfly...

Shutterfly is no doubt my go to store when I need photo cards, calendars, and photobooks made. I love giving photobooks as gifts to family members. You would not believe how many compliments I have received on my photobook gifts.

Every Christmas I make photo calendars for our families. It's become such a hit that this is the only gift on my brother and parents' Christmas lists! We unknowingly started a new family tradition that is now considered a must by our families!  I love it because it cuts down on the amount of Christmas shopping I have to do!
I have to be honest, I have been thinking about our Christmas card since we returned from our beach vacation this summer. Shutterfly has so many options that it's hard to narrow down my favorites. Seriously, I'm overwhelmed here. Here are my top three. I am really loving the Top 10 Moments of 2010 because it is so whimsical and colorful (mostly because it gets me out of having to write a family Christmas letter!).

Shutterfly also offers:

·         photo holiday  cards to  
·         Calendars to
·         new years cards to
·         personalized Christmas cards to

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly. Learn more:

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great resource. I love the Top 10 Card! And thanks too for visiting my blog and entering the Velvet Pumpkin giveaway! Have a great day!


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